List of concerts taking place during the 21st International Accordion Week

3 Masterclass under the theme
"Being an Artist ... Beyond a Musician"

June 1 and 2

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Closing Notes

The 21st International Week of the Accordion was a huge success.
Between May 27 and June 4 we were able to attend 6 concerts, 2 Masterclasses and the 22nd National Trophy / 3rd International Accordion Competition.
The concerts took place at Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça and at the Monastery of Alcobaça.
Applauded by a fantastic audience, the concerts provided moments that will never be forgotten.
Masterclasses were led by two of the world's most prestigious Accordion teachers and for the first time included "Yoga for Musicians" under the direction of Diana Freire.
As for the National Trophy and the International Competition, there was an adhesion never seen that projected them for a record of inscriptions like never seen in Portugal!
The International Accordion Week has once again demonstrated the importance it has at a national and international level in the cultural landscape and the very important role it has played over 22 years.

Number of Participants

The 21st International Week of the Accordion "Alcobaça 2017", which will run from 27 May to 4 June.

Together we present the calendar of concerts and other activities included in this International Week of Accordion.
We would like to highlight the large number of entries in the National Trophy and the International Competition, as can be confirmed through the table that we present. It is a record of participations like never before in Portugal!!!

The organization is grateful in advance and wishes to all of those who will come to Alcobaça within the framework of this fantastic event, moments of full satisfaction and that our city can stay in the memory of all as the Land of Passion but also as the Land of the Accordion!


The Associação de Acordeão de Portugal in partnership with Município de Alcobaça, Mosteiro de Alcobaça and Orquestra Típica e Coralde Alcobaça will carry out the 21ª International Week of Accordion “Alcobaça 2017” between May 27 and June 4. The 22nd National Trophy / 3rd International Competition of Accordion "City of Alcobaça" - 3rd and 4th of June - expects to receive many participants from all over the country and from several countries such as Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, etc.. As members of the jury there will be performers and teachers such as: Daniel Meiriño (Espanha), Franck Angelis (França), Juan Carlos Carcamo (Espanha), Ladislav Horack (Republica Checa), Marco Gemelli (Itália), Natália Semyonov (Rússia), Olivier Douyez (Bélgica), Wyetcheslav Semyonov (Rússia), Zoran Rakic (Bósnia-Herzegovina), among many others.
We will carry out 6 Concerts distributed by the Mosteiro de Alcobaça, Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça and Auditório Dr. Gonçalves Sapinho (Benedita). With the exception of the first concert, everyone of them will have free entry!
The presence of Duo Semyonov, Marco Gemelli, José Valente and Typical Orchestra and Choir of Alcobaça will be a guarantee of quality but also the participation of many young Portuguese concertists will certainly provide moments of enormous artistic value.

As for Masterclasses (June 1st and 2nd), we will offer all accordionists the possibility of attending 3 Masterclasses (with W. Semyonov, F. Angelis and Diana Freire).
The Masterclasses directed by Profs. W. Semyonov and F. Angelis are well known for their quality and the technical and interpretative skills they convey to those who attend them. And this year we will have - for the first time in Portugal - the approach to the theme "Yoga for Musicians" - which will be directed by Diana Freire and intends to transmit and practice breathing techniques and mental control so that each participant can improve concentration and memory, develop muscular strength / agility for better musical technique and resistance against possible injuries and manage anxiety before performing, in the moment when they have to reveal their skills, their capacities on stage - or outside of it.
We sincerely hope that, once again, the INTERNATIONAL WEEK OF ACCORDION will be a success and that all of those who come to watch and participate can take our city in their hearts and remember, forever, fantastic moments of high artistic level.


In addition to the protocol already existing some years ago between ASSOCIAÇÃO DE ACORDEÃO DE PORTUGAL and Prémio Internacional de Acordeão “Cidade de Castelfidardo” (PIF – Italy), there is also an exclusive protocol with Festival Internacional de Acordeão “Accordéons-Nous” in the city of Mons (Bélgica), with Concurso Internacional de Acordeão “Sancybérie” in the city of Mont Dore (France) and with Festival International Accordion Days in Praga (Czech Republic).

Mons – Bélgica / 21 a 23 Abr/17

Mont Dore – França / 25 a 27 Abr/17

Castelfidardo – Itália / 10 a 17 Set/17

Praga – República Checa / 2 a 4 Nov/17

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